InDHSS: Employee Newsletter


August 2010


Anchorage Managerial Team back to full strength!

By Sara Childress
Children’s Services Manager

In the 13 years that I have worked with OCS, this opportunity has only arisen once. While managers come and go, it is very rare when an entire management team comes on new together. While some people might have reservations about that, this is an opportunity for collaboration, energy and initiative.

Meet the Anchorage Management Team, all of whom came together in 2011.

  • Sara Childress, Children’s Services Manager
  • Brian Penner, Initial Assessment Staff Manager (Intake & Initial Assessment)
  • Jacqueline Adelman, Family Services Staff Manager (Custody and Non-Custody Family Services)
  • Jenna Test, Systems Improvement Staff Manager (Team Decision Making, Administrative Reviews, Adoptions and Independent Living)
  • Sherryl Petrie, Administrative Officer
  • Judy Friend, Management Office Assistant

While each manager brings his or her unique experience to the Anchorage team, our values are well aligned and our priorities are in sync. Over our initial year, we have put emphasis on creating a positive work environment in Anchorage. It is critical that the management team members are unified, supportive of one another and consistent in our messaging.

Strengthening the leadership team in Anchorage (managers, supervisors, TDM facilitators and nurses) has been a priority, in addition to identifying and celebrating the strengths and successes of our staff. We are striving to provide hope, trust, compassion and stability for our staff consistently and authentically. We have great appreciation for the staff in Anchorage, and the hard work they do each day.

To reach the Anchorage office, please call 907.269.4000.


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