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Alaska BRFSS Health Profiles: HTML Profiles: Public Health Regions - 3yr - Disability - Age-Adjusted Rate


This page is used to select either a public health region or theme to display age-adjusted rates in the HTML Profile template. An age-adjusted rate is a measure that controls for the effects of age differences on health event rates. Age-adjustment also controls for age effects when comparing across several years of data, as the age distribution changes over time. Generally when evaluating the impact of a health intervention or progress toward objectives such as Healthy Alaskans 2010 or Healthy People 2020, age-adjusted rates are used. To review the areas within each public health region, please refer to the geography webpage. To learn what are the indicators within each theme, please refer to the themes webpage.

If a region is selected, then results for all available themes, indicators, and time periods are displayed for the single public health region. When a theme is selected, then results for all indicators and time periods within the theme are displayed for each public health region.

Public Health Regions: