Healthy Alaskans 2020

HA2020 Framework

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Pilot Implementation Activities

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Actions for Success:
The Alaska State Health Improvement Plan

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Healthy Alaskans 2020 is the comprehensive health improvement plan aligning public health partners around the 25 health priorities and promoting improvement of health status and systems.

Strategies and Actions

Provides a blueprint for achieving the HA2020 objectives. Builds on previous efforts and health planning already taking place to align statewide partners around common goals.

Healthy Alaskans 2020 Health Assessment: Understanding the Health of Alaskans

Provides an overview of Alaska health status and factors influencing health. Contains information about population characteristics, social and economic factors, health outcomes, and health equity issues in Alaska.

Alaska’s Community Capacity Review: A Statewide Public Health System Assessment

A public health system assessment based on the National Public Health Performance Standards. Identifies the strengths and challenges within Alaska’s broad, statewide public health system.

Healthy Alaskans 2020 Process

Outlines the processes of selecting the health priorities and developing the implementation framework for Alaska.