Healthy Alaskans 2020

HA2020 Framework

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Pilot Implementation Activities

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Team Organization

Steering Team

  • Share responsibility for securing spending authority and resources for the project
  • Participate in high level project planning while monitoring major project activities
  • Act as vocal and visible champions, and legitimize the project’s goals and objectives
  • Assist with major issues, problems, and policy conflicts and strive to removes obstacles
  • Function as the final decision-making body for the project and sign off on major deliverables
  • Jointly distribute findings and be identified as a sponsoring organization of the project in all documents

Team Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Create and plan project framework, goals, objectives, timetable, deliverables and resource needed;
  • Manage the day-to-day activities of the project. Provide guidance, support, and assistance with resolution of issues and problems, and strive to remove obstacles for HA2020 teams and consultants;
  • Identify and recruit participants for HA2020 teams and for the Community Capacity Review;
  • Make recommendations for consultants required for the project;
  • Obtain the approval and support of Steering Team for all major deliverables;
  • Approve the process to be used to collect data and information from the HA2020 teams, stakeholders and Community of Interest;
  • Finalize Advisory Team recommended HA2020: Alaska State Health Improvement Plan prior to sending to Steering Team for approval

Team Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Act as vocal and visible champions of HA2020 and promote the HA2020 vision and mission;
  • Establish the guiding principles of the Healthy Alaskans 2020 initiative;
  • Participate in outreach and communication efforts statewide to increase knowledge and awareness of HA2020 among stakeholders and the public, and bring information from this constituency back to the Healthy Alaskans 2020 staff and Advisory Team;
  • Encourage the public and cross-sector partners to align their efforts with the Healthy Alaskans 2020 Leading Health Indicators and promote the use of evidence-based strategies and best practices to address the HA2020 Leading Health Indicators;
  • Monitor HA2020 Leading Health Indicators data and status in meeting identified target measures;
  • Facilitate development of a HA2020 plan to align efforts statewide and specify steps in accomplishing the goals of Healthy Alaskans 2020, to be recommended for Steering Team approval, including:
    • Contribute to development of the HA2020 plan;
    • Collect, analyze and review relevant data (i.e. trends in Leading Health Indicators, evidence based strategies, etc.) for incorporation into the HA2020 plan; and
    • Engage partners and stakeholders statewide in reviewing and discussing the proposed HA2020 plan;
  • Provide input on planning and conducting a statewide community capacity review to identify existing assets, resources and gaps in Alaska’s public health system using a nationally recognized tool (e.g. National Public Health Performance Standards assessment or other similar tool), including: o Provide feedback on the community capacity review process;
    • Provide assistance and support efforts in conducting the community capacity review(e.g. connections, insight, volunteered staff time);
    • Participate, as needed, as a subject matter expert in the community capacity review; and
    • Assess findings of the community capacity review with a focus on identifying issues to address in the HA2020 implementation plan.

Data Team and Subject Matter Teams

Team Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Establish Co-Leads;
  • Meet on an as-needed basis
    • complete agendas and minutes for those meetings and save to SharePoint site;
  • Respond to questions from other Teams and the public around HA2020 data;
  • Plan and complete the Health Priorities in Alaska write-up (to be included in the Alaska State Health Improvement Plan);
  • Monitor Healthy Alaskans 2020 leading health indicators throughout the year;
  • Complete a year-end update of the 25 leading health indicators.

Communications Team

Team Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a media and communications resource to HA2020 Teams;
  • Develop a HA2020 Communications Work Plan. Outlines various outreach activities to be completed in the year;
  • Create products and conduct outreach and education activities in the Communications Plan;
  • Provide regular updates on the HA2020 website, social media sites, and gov delivery;
  • Monitor and report on website and social media activity on a regular basis. Develop other measures of outreach as defined by the Communications Plan.